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Beneficiary Deed
Possibly the simplest and most cost effective estate planning tool you’ve never heard of.
Beneficiary Deed Preparation. You record it yourself. We’ll provide you with the name and address of the appropriate Arizona County Clerk and Recorder. $85.00
Beneficiary Deed Preparation and LRC records the deed with the appropriate Arizona County Clerk and Recorder. $99.00
All prices on this website are subject to change without notice
A Beneficiary Deed conveys your ownership interest in real property, such as your home, investment property, vacation home, etc. to your children, family, significant other, etc., without any requirement or probate! The Beneficiary Deed is prepared and recorded while living, but the transfer is not effective until you (and your spouse, if applicable) have passed away. Arizona Legal EASE will prepare your Beneficiary Deed naming the person(s) you designate as beneficiaries of your real estate. At your option, Arizona Legal EASE will record your Beneficiary Deed in the county where your real estate is located.
Advantages of using a Beneficiary Deed:
  • Avoid the cost and delay of probate.
  • Less expensive than a living trust.
  • The owners retain total control over the property.
  • Signing and recording an Arizona Beneficiary Deed has no gift tax liability because it is not a present transfer of property.
  • The owner is free to change an Arizona Beneficiary Deed at any time.
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