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Informal Probate with or without Will; death within two years. $800.00
Formal Probate – but not expected to be contested. $800.00
Small Estate Affidavit – Personal Property Up to $50,000.00 Value $150.00
Small Estate Affidavit – Real Property under $75,000.00 equity in Real Estate $250.00
Additional Costs For Probate Actions in Arizona (these are pass-through direct costs to you – Arizona Legal EASE does not add a surcharge to these prices): The current Court filing fee to submit Application for Appointment as Personal Representative in Arizona Superior Probate Court is $251.00. These fees must accompany the documents when filed at the Court. Court Fees are not determined by Arizona Legal EASE – they are determined by the Court. If it is necessary to record any deeds or documents with the County Recorder, the recording fee is in addition to fees quoted

Publication of Notice to Creditors is $36.00 (must be done even if none known).
You are related to a person who died or you have a legal interest in the person’s property, AND the person had a will or did not have a will, AND you want to file court papers to be appointed the Personal Representative (aka Executor) of the estate.
Arizona Legal EASE provides complete document and filing services necessary for an informal or formal probate of an estate in the State of Arizona. This includes preparation of the following:
  • Application for Appointment as Personal Representative
  • Letters of Appointment
  • Waivers/Notices, if required
  • Order to Personal Representative
  • Notice to Creditors
  • Proof of Filing of Notice to be given to Probate Court
  • A Deed of Distribution, if applicable
  • Inventory and Appraisement Document
  • Closing Statement
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